Tin Boxes

A cus­tomer arrived with a large col­lec­tion of old tin boxes. She wanted them framed for dis­play in a new restau­rant, there were about 70–80 in the col­lec­tion. Far too many for one frame and they would look more inter­est­ing in a dis­play of many frames. This would also pro­vide ver­sa­til­ity in the hang­ing of them.

We laid out the boxes in lots that were pleas­ing for colour and style. We then con­structed the boxes to fit the var­i­ous selec­tions, tak­ing into account that the tins var­ied in depth, so some boxes had to be deeper than oth­ers. When all the boxes were made we glued the tins into posi­tion. We then placed the glass and frame on top and fas­tened it all together.

Custom framing


Another cus­tomer wanted mem­o­ra­bilia of his broth­ers wed­ding framed. The three LP’s were signed by all the guests so he wanted them all in one frame with a cap­tion and some colour from the wed­ding invi­ta­tion. We made up a box frame to ele­vate the glass from the records and give more depth to the objects. The frame is a white tim­ber and the box and mount are made of con­ser­va­tion board.

Head Phones

Another unusual request. The cus­tomer wanted the phones opened out and the sin­gle record placed under them and some colour from the wed­ding invi­ta­tion. We used a piece of mould­ing, glued into posi­tion to hold the head-phones opened . A box was made to accom­mo­date the depth of the phones and were then glued into posi­tion after the cap­tion box was cut out and then the record was glued into place. A small mount was placed over the box to focus on the objects. The glass and frame were then fixed into posi­tion. The frame is a white tim­ber and the box and mount are made of con­ser­va­tion board.

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