If I were to try and sell you a per­fume, that smells amaz­ing, but pack­aged in a jam jar, you prob­a­bly wouldn’t buy.  But if I were to sell you it in a styl­ish bot­tle that looks well on your dress­ing table, then you would be more tempted, even if it was only water in the bot­tle!

The job of a frame is to first, show­case and sec­ond, com­mand atten­tion, to that of what is inside it. Inher­ently we are also attracted to what is pleas­ing to the eye, and so a framer must com­bine these three ele­ments when fram­ing your spe­cial paint­ings, posters or mem­o­ries. When we are asked to frame a cricket bat or a foot­ball jer­sey, a diploma, or even a med­ical instru­ment, we know that it means some­thing spe­cial to the per­son, and so we must treat it as such.

Pic­ture fram­ing is some­times thought of sim­ply putting a piece of wood around pic­ture and glass! Some­times, rarely, but some­times peo­ple ask us to “just put a frame around it so that I can hang it up”. That’s just not what we do, we need to remind them that once you hang a pic­ture up, it is going to be up for a very long time, pos­si­bly ten or twenty years! If it is not eye pleas­ing, or it goes out of fash­ion, you are going to get tired of it very quickly.  We’ve seen it before, it will grate on the mind that some­thing will have to be done about it, and so it will have to be either framed again, or taken down and pos­si­bly hung in the dark­est cor­ner of your house.

The job of a framer is to have an eye for the cur­rent fash­ion and design, take a sym­pa­thetic look at the item to be framed and also keep in mind the long term pro­tec­tion of the item. Under­stand­ing what the cus­tomer likes and offer­ing sug­ges­tions based on all of these fac­tors is the goal, all with­out los­ing the ascetics of the item or pic­ture.

Most of this comes with expe­ri­ence, we do this day-in, day-out, gen­er­ally we know what we’re talk­ing about. We know tra­di­tions and we spot trends, fram­ing is really an art and craft com­bined.


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