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Com­pos­ite Fram­ing

This is whats called com­pos­ite pic­ture fram­ing, mean­ing it is made using 3 sep­a­rate mould­ings.

These are very pop­u­lar mould­ings for our cus­tomers and it is actu­ally a very pop­u­lar com­pos­ite too.  It’s usu­ally used for oils or acrylics when painted as oils because it gives great depth to the image.

I always use glass but its up to the cus­tomer. It is always a good idea to know where you plan to hang it first because, if hung oppo­site a win­dow, glass can give a shine back. It can be made up to a metre square.

This is a copy of an oil paint­ing that is in the Irish National gallery. The frame is 16“x12” and cost €100.