This piece is a very large jig­saw puz­zle pic­ture and took time to pre­pare for fram­ing. First we had to sand­wich the pic­ture between two sheets of board big­ger than the pic­ture and flip it over so that we could work on the back of it. Then we taped all the pieces with gummed tape to keep the small pieces in posi­tion. This pre­vent­ed the jig­saw from falling apart while we worked on glu­ing the com­plete pic­ture to a per­ma­nent back­ing board. We past­ed the back­ing board and laid the pic­ture on top of it. We then placed the jig­saw face up in a dry-mount press and heat-sealed the front of it.
Heat seal­ing is like melt­ing a thin sheet of plas­tic film to the pic­ture. This piece was too large for pic­ture fram­ing glass which is only 2mm and would break eas­i­ly in that size. It would also be very heavy for hang­ing in a home. So this was the way to go. The jig­saw pic­ture was then ready for fram­ing. A sim­ple scooped frame was used on it. As the pic­ture is a busy pic­ture it need­ed no embell­ish­ments in the frame.

Frame Jigsaw puzzel

This angle will give you some per­spec­tive as to the actu­al size of the large jig­saw puz­zle if you com­pare the con­tent of it to the that of the image above:

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