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Fram­ing Objects

These Katie Tay­lor signed gloves were only a small chal­lenge to frame since we are so used to fram­ing large objects by now. What we did was to make a box , from con­ser­va­tion mount board, deep enough to man­age the depth of the gloves. Once that was done we then sim­ply cut a mount in a sim­u­lar col­or to match the gloves. The gloves were glued into the box This mount was placed on top of the box and we then framed the mount and boxed gloves together.

The third image was my son’s first tool. This was actu­al­ly an ear­ly exper­i­ment to prove that we could frame any­thing using dif­fer­ent types of frames and to give cus­tomers ideas as to what to expect. This type of frame com­ple­ments any type of paint­ing and is a very pop­u­lar style for deep subjects.
I always rec­om­mend using glass to pre­vent the dust and pro­tect the subject.

If it’s cus­tom pic­ture fram­ing you need, this is the place for you!  We get plen­ty of unique objects in and as you can see in the forth image these bot­tle caps were no excep­tion. This is exact­ly as it says on the tin, or bot­tle caps in the case. We do cus­tom fram­ing on a num­ber of dif­fer­ent objects, this one being a prized col­lec­tion of bot­tle caps for a bot­tling com­pa­ny but also foot­ball jer­sey fram­ing, cus­tom pic­ture fram­ing and fram­ing art.

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