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Fram­ing a Crick­et Bat & Golf Ball

As far as cus­tom pic­ture fram­ing goes, fram­ing large items like this can be very tricky. It is a box frame with a mount but the best part is, if you see, it is float mount­ed.  This gives more dept to the bat and gives the illu­sion it is float­ing with­in the frame.

Real­ly this mould­ing suits this pur­pose per­fect­ly and we use it main­ly for fram­ing objects, such as the sec­ond image there of the golf ball or a jer­sey frame. Hav­ing said that, prac­ti­cal­ly any mould we have can be use to frame a large object like this.


[h2]Vis­it The Frame Fac­to­ry for Cus­tom Fram­ing>[/h2]