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Fram­ing First Shoes

Pic­ture fram­ing is great, but I real­ly enjoyed fram­ing these lit­tle shoes. This is a Box frame with a mount. The main chal­lenge was to give the baby shoes the depth they need. This is only a pop­u­lar style for this type of sub­ject and frame quite a lot of them since show­ing cus­tomers this pro­to­type. It can be made up to 25″ square (if you have giant shoes to frame).

These shoes belong to my grand daugh­ter Abi­gail. The frame is 13“x 10″ and cost €55.

I always use mount-board & glass but its up to the cus­tomer.  Any oth­er frame can be used on the out­side but the inner needs to be deep. It’s impor­tant to use glass with this style because the shoes are mount­ed on a mount-board which can be sus­cep­ti­ble to mark­ing if not protected.

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