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Dublin Jer­sey Framing

Jer­sey Fram­ing in Dublin North

These jer­seys were a real plea­sure to frame. As you can see we added pho­tos to the bot­tom of the Dublin jer­sey of the moment the client met the team, and at the bot­tom of the Chelsea jer­sey, the client asked us to insert a tablet show­ing a rotat­ing clip of Lam­pard at his best. It’s a great eye catch­er, any­one who walks past notices. They are framed in a box frame. We have both a black mould­ing and a white mould­ing that may be used. A foot­ball jer­sey is trick­i­er to frame than it looks. Many things need to be con­sid­ered. These are strong black and white wood­en frames. Wood looks bet­ter than a poly­mer or a plas­tic mould­ing and is much stronger. The frame has a cus­tom spac­er bar under the lip of the frame. This spac­er bar is impor­tant because it sep­a­rates the glass from the item depend­ing on how deep it needs to be, pre­vent­ing them from touch­ing each oth­er. Oth­er­wise, if glass sits direct­ly on a jer­sey con­den­sa­tion builds up behind the glass and stains the jer­sey over time. Not many framers realise this. Also we used specif­i­cal­ly sourced plas­tic tags that are hid­den from view to fix the jer­sey to a back­ing board. Oth­er framers tend to use just plain old sta­ples, but sta­ples rust over time from the mois­ture in the air, and even­tu­al­ly this rust will eat into the jer­sey. As most of the jer­seys we frame are signed and thus very valu­able now or in the future, it is high­ly rec­om­mend­ed to know exact­ly who is fram­ing them and that they are being pro­fes­sion­al­ly framed. You can now pur­chase our jer­sey frame online here >

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